Wednesday, March 27, 2013

centovacast Permission errors

IMP : Take backup before trying the below steps

 1.   If you are using Centova Cast v2.2.0 or better, you can run the /home/centovacast/scripts/ script to automatically correct your filesystem permissions and ownerships.  If you use this script, you can skip steps 2-4.

    NOTE: This script makes a best-effort attempt to fix the permissions problems, but in some cases it may fail.  If you receive any errors, you will need to proceed with the manual process in steps 2-4 below.

2.    Ensure that the permissions on /home/centovacast and your Centova Cast web interface directory (and their contents) are NOT 0777.  Set them as follows to ensure that they are correct:
    chmod -R 0755 /home/centovacast
    chmod 0711 /home/centovacast/vhosts/*
    chmod 0700 /home/centovacast/vhosts/*/etc
    chmod 0711 /home/centovacast/vhosts/*/var/log
    chmod 0700 /home/centovacast/vhosts/*/var/run
    chmod 0600 /home/centovacast/vhosts/*/etc/*
    chmod 0600 /home/centovacast/vhosts/*/var/log/*
    chmod 0755 /home/centovacast/vhosts/*/var/log/reports
    chmod 0644 /home/centovacast/vhosts/*/var/log/reports/*
    chmod 0600 /home/centovacast/vhosts/*/var/run/*
    chmod -R 0755 /path-to-centovacast-web-interface/
3.  Recursively change the owner and group of /home/centovacast to the user account under which Centova Cast was installed.  Usually, the user account is named 'centovacast', i.e.:
    chown -R centovacast.centovacast /home/centovacast/
4.  Change to the /home/centovacast/system/runascc directory and run these two commands:
    rm -f runascc spawn castd
    make all

This should yield a working Centova Cast installation

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