Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BIND configuration file blank in zpanel

When we add additional domains in zpanel, sometimes the named.conf may go blank. Actually it is a bug in zpanel.

Go to zpanel > Admin > moduleAdmin >DNS config >Tools > Force Records Update on Next Daemon Run

Then run the daemon by going to

Admin > Zpanelconfig> Run Daemon now option in the top bottom of it.

Also location of named.conf in zpanel is /etc/zpanel/configs/bind/etc/named.conf and /etc/zpanel/panel/local/zpanel/etc/build/config_packs/centos_6_2/bind/etc/named.conf

The location of zone files is /etc/zpanel/configs/bind/zones

All zone files and dns files should have user and group as apache.

To avoid the named.conf going blank while adding new domains, do the following:

1) Log into zpanel
2) Go into the Module Admin
3) Click the DNS Config link
4) Edit this config option in the general tab:

Named CheckZone





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