Wednesday, October 28, 2015

switch from one user to another centos

In one of my previous post I have mentioned about how to add a user in centos. Now I am going to show you that how to switch from one user to another

From my terminal prompt you would be able to detect the user

[root@server105 ~]#

Here the hash prompt and username denotes that I have logged in as the root user in my server. Now I am going to switch from the user root to user joji for that I will use the switch user command su. You can find more options from the man page of su

[root@server105 ~]# man su

So here I am going to switch the user

[root@server105 ~]# su - joji
[joji@server105 ~]$

From the prompt you can see that I have successfully switched from root to joji As the root account is the admin account it will not ask you for login credentials while switching from root to any other user. Now we can try to switch back to the root account from the user joji

[joji@server105 ~]$ su - root
[root@server105 ~]#

Hopes you people got it, Thank you

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