Friday, October 16, 2015

named service not working centos 6 cpanel

Today I have faced an error while restarting named it says that

WARNING: Key file /etc/rndc.key exists, but using default configuration files /etc/rndc.conf
rndc: connection failed: Connection refused

so I have checked the forums and find a solution.

You need to remove all packages that is related to bind, for that first backup your configuration file

mv /etc/named.conf /etc/named.conf.bak

Then do

yum remove bind*
yum install bind*
service named restart

As the named service is reinstalled the entries in the /etc/named.conf must be rebuilded

for cpanel type


The new named.conf will listen only on and you need to edit the configuration to change it to your ip.

Then do

service named restart

Thats all folks :)

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