Friday, March 22, 2013

Kloxo FTP issue


 If you are facing issue with ftp user logins in kloxo, then do the following steps.

1Pure-ftpd will be the package available for kloxo

1)Downgrade the pure-ftp  package by yum downgrade pure-ftpd
2)Then run the command /script/upcp
3)then run the command yum -y update.

4)Restart the kloxo as /etc/init.d/kloxo restart

5)/etc/init.d/xinetd restart.

This will fix the issue.

 Also if you got the error as libwrap refused connection to ftp (libwrap=pure-ftpd) from IPxxxx

then IP might be blocked due to failed login attempts to the server.

In that Case do the following.

Login to Kloxo > Admin> Security> LxGuard > connections>Select the IP from the list > then delete it.

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