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Installation of Cpremote

Installation of Cpremote

cPremote is a remote incremental backup and it will use cPanel modules itself for taking backups to your remote backup server over ssh.

A growing number of clients are choosing to use CP Remote backup script as a ‘low load’ alternative to the standard Cpanel FTP backups. CP Remote is much more cost effective than the other backup solution we offer (R1 Soft) although it is a ‘time stamped’ solution and not a continuous data protection solution.

If you are happy to have off server backups taken nightly at a pre-defined time (usually 1am) then this backup solution could be for you. Quickly have your data restored to any cpanel server in the event of data loss.

It uses Rsync which means it is a very efficient way of working. Your first backup will take the longest as it copies all files from your server to the backup space you buy from us. The second backup only backs up what has changed so it is a very efficient solution in terms of bandwidth. All your data is backed up with this solution including Public_html folder, My SQL databases as well as email folders.

The Cpanel plug in works perfectly and allows you to check your backups and also restore quickly and easily from within an easy to use web based interface.

» Requirements:
You need a Linux cPanel server running latest stable release of cPanel(11.32 or higher) .

Need cpphp /var/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php

» Install cPremote
Download the tar file cpremote.X.Y.tar.gz from https://portal.syslint.com/downloads.php where X.Y is the latest version.
tar -xzf cpremote.X.Y.tar.gz
# cd cpremote/
# ./install.sh

» Configure Backup
Go to WHM->Plugins -> cPanel Remote Backup -> Configure Backup . Here you can configure backup settings.

» Configure Backup Public Key in remote ssh account
Go to WHM->Plugins -> cPanel Remote Backup -> Your Backup Public Key and follow the procedure mentioned in that website to setup public key for backup ssh account.

» How to run a manual backup update
You may need to run the following script.

» How to change the backup time
You may change the following cron time
0 1 * * * /scripts/cpremotebackup

» How to enable backup for Multiple Home folder
You may need to add your home folders mount point names n to the file /etc/cpremote/userhomes.txt. See an example below, It is the default settings.
This option will enable multiple home folder feature.

» How to restore a cPremote Backup
1. A full account from daily , weekly, monthly and 7 days backups
2. Restore email fodler , home fodler , document root , individual files and fodlers, individual databases
3. cPanel end user interface for restoring backups
4. /scripts/cpremoterestore feature rich command line utility

» Restore Backups from Plugin Page
You may need to goo WHM -> Plugins -> cPanel Remote Backups -> Restore A backup , then select the cpanel accounts and backup option for restore.

» Restore Backups from server shell
If you need to restore a cPanel account say CPUSER from the backups see , the example commands below,

Restore email folder of cpanel user CPUSER from the daily backups
/scripts/cpremoterestore --user=CPUSER --from=daily --type=mail

Restore Document root from weekly backup for CPUSER
/scripts/cpremoterestore --user=CPUSER --from=weekly --type=www

Restore the complete home folder of CPUSER from monthly backup
/scripts/cpremoterestore --user=CPUSER --from=monthly --type=homefolder

Restore a full account from daily backup
/scripts/cpremoterestore --user=CPUSER --from=daily --type=full

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