Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Configuring Spamassassin to show Spam Score in Spam taged messages

Configuring Spamassassin to show Spam Score in Spam taged messages

To enable and disable Spam Assassin please do the following:

1. Login to cPanel and look in the Mail section
2. Click Spam Assassin™
3. Click Enable SpamAssassin to enable
4. Click Disable SpamAssassin to disable
5. You have now just enabled / disabled Spam Assassin.

Required Score:
0 means everything will be marked as Spam
5 is the default
10 means nothing will be marked as Spam

Just setup Spam Assassin once, and it works for all of the emails on your account.
Spam Assassin will mark your spam so it is easy to notice.
You may not be able to save the Required Score in the drop-down feature.
Instead, you must click the "Configure SpamAssassin" button at the very bottom, change the value for required_score, and then click the "Save" button at the bottom.

Email Filtering with Spam Assassin
NOTE: You can use Spam Box or Email Filtering to move the spam from your Inbox to another folder.

 1. In your webmail, create a folder called Spam.
 2. In cPanel, go to User Level Filtering.
 3. Next to your email address, click Manage Filters.
 4. Click the Create a new Filter button.
 5. Give the filter a name like SpamAssassin Rule.
 6. Change the "From" drop down to "Spam Status".
 7. Change the "equals" drop down to "begins with".
 8. In the large blank below, type Yes
 9. Change the "Discard Message" drop down to "Deliver to folder".
10. Click the Change button and choose your new Spam folder.
11. Click the Activate button.

Now you can use IMAP and subscribe to the new Spam folder.

Showing the spam score in the subject line of spam taged messages
 Go to :
 Exim configuration manager >> filters >> SpamAssassin™: X-Spam-Subject/Subject header prefix for spam emails [?]
 Change the default value to ***SPAM*** Score:$spam_score
 You could also use $spam_score_int if you do not want to see the decimal value.

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