Friday, March 22, 2013

Backuping and Restoring new Vps

# wget -r -nH -c -l0 ftp://username:password@IP/vz/private/VEID

Check the OS template of the VPS


# vzctl create same_veid --ostemplate (look /vz/template/cache/ omit .tar.gz)

# vzctl start veid

 Goto Master node at Linode

# /scripts/vm-migrate vserver_id new_node_id

For VPS 215  vserverid is 29

newnodeID is ID of UBS5 (usa3 server)

/scripts/vm-migrate 29 5

Update in solusvm : resources,main IP ,hostname

ubs 4

# nohup rsync --ignore-existing -r /vz/private/veid/ /vz/root/veid/ &

to check the output use command  tail -f nohup.out

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