Tuesday, January 29, 2013

custom php




Some times we do need to setup customized php conifguration for some of our domains. Actually it is a simple thing and  we can do it by creating a custom php file.

The things that  you have to do for it is pretty simple. First you need to create a file named php.ini and you need to place it in your website document root.    In that file, you need to configure the settings you wish to change.
The format is: 

setting_name = setting_value.  


 register_globals = Off

For the PHP settings that you do not have in your php.ini file, PHP will use your default configurations.  It will not use the server php.ini but rather a default one. You may need to set other settings. You may create a phpinfo.php file in the document root with the beginning and ending php tags and the following in between to see any changes by browsing it

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